New Album!

Roll On - Ernie HendricksonErnie Hendrickson’s new album, Roll On, was released by LoHi Records on September 24, 2019. Produced by Brian Deck in Chicago with a stellar roster of studio musicians, Roll On features thirteen new songs by the acclaimed American songwriter.

Roll On displays Ernie’s ability to tackle weighty themes with humor and a sharp eye for the details that make his songs humane and compelling. Influenced by everyone from Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter to Nashville humorist and songwriter Todd Snider, Ernie wrote a set of songs for Roll On that address the commercialization and alienation of American life. One song, “Dystopian Dreams,” makes explicit the looming political and social crises that characterize American life in 2019, but he gives the song an optimistic spin that comes from his new role as father to a young daughter, and as a family man who likes to spend time at home when he’s not on the road doing what musicians do to make a living.

Ernie Hendrickson is, as you will hear when you give Roll On  a listen, one of American music’s bright lights. He’s illuminated his way throughout his career, and Roll On shines a light into areas that in other hands would remain shrouded in darkness. He’s grown exponentially since his last album, and Roll On is a testament to what maturity means when it co-exists with the yearning to describe the truth that the best American artists have always sought, in their own ways.

  1. Do It For Love Ernie Hendrickson 3:25
  2. One More Pull Ernie Hendrickson 3:47
  3. The Losing Blues Ernie Hendrickson 3:29
  4. Dystopian Dreams Ernie Hendrickson 4:23
  5. I Need You Ernie Hendrickson 2:58
  6. Citizen Of Love Ernie Hendrickson 5:00
  7. One For The Dreamers Ernie Hendrickson 3:34
  8. Hold On To Hope Ernie Hendrickson 3:01
  9. Not Much Time Ernie Hendrickson 3:35
  10. Walking With Angels Ernie Hendrickson 2:55
  11. Bad Mixed Up Woman Ernie Hendrickson 5:26
  12. Lay Your Troubles Down Ernie Hendrickson 3:49
  13. Down The Road Ernie Hendrickson 6:26


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