Announcing “Live At The Cafe Carpe”!

Ever wanted to be a part of a live record?
Now’s Your Chance!

Live At The Cafe Carpe!
Fri Dec 22nd, in Ft. Atkinson, WI, 8:30pm

Make your reservations ASAP – we have already sold a good amount of tickets for this show!
TICKETS available online via Cafe Carpe.

I’ve been wanting to put out a live recording for a while, for many reasons. First and foremost – there is an energy and magic to playing live music in front of an audience that doesn’t exist in the studio. Also there are a lot of songs I’ve written that haven’t found places on studio recordings for one reason or another, and this will be an opportunity to give these ‘orphans’ a home.

Ernie Hendrickson - Live Album - Cafe Carpe

I’ve been playing a lot of solo shows over the last few years, and I don’t have any good quality recordings that represent this side of what I do. The Cafe Carpe is one of the best listening environments you can find, anywhere for solo performances, so I am thrilled to have this opportunity to capture and preserve a night at The Carpe!

I hope you’ll consider joining us for what is sure to be a festive and memorable evening full of familiar songs, old songs, new songs, heckling and whatever else the moment calls for!

  1. Do It For Love Ernie Hendrickson 3:25
  2. One More Pull Ernie Hendrickson 3:47
  3. The Losing Blues Ernie Hendrickson 3:29
  4. Dystopian Dreams Ernie Hendrickson 4:23
  5. I Need You Ernie Hendrickson 2:58
  6. Citizen Of Love Ernie Hendrickson 5:00
  7. One For The Dreamers Ernie Hendrickson 3:34
  8. Hold On To Hope Ernie Hendrickson 3:01
  9. Not Much Time Ernie Hendrickson 3:35
  10. Walking With Angels Ernie Hendrickson 2:55
  11. Bad Mixed Up Woman Ernie Hendrickson 5:26
  12. Lay Your Troubles Down Ernie Hendrickson 3:49
  13. Down The Road Ernie Hendrickson 6:26


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